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onsdag 20 januari 2010

Busy week, soon over...

Well, i've had a bit of a busy week, with three tests theese first three days and the biology report that god delayed from last week is now hanging over me 'til Friday :P

But, i've still managed to get some work done ^^
I've made about 3/4 of the bases on 6 new Vossies, meaning I only need to put some different kinds of sand on. I'll try to get some pictures up tonight ^^

Also, since the new release of the MC-crazy Nidz, I felt like my list could need a bit of a twist. We have some new threats to think about in the form of the Trygon and the Tervigon, theese are the ones I see being the scarier things in the Nidz codex. So, to handle theese we will require the standard amount of flamer templates and also a few more Plasmas, perhaps. I also find that Warriors might be getting popular as a Troops choice. To take care of theese a nice litle Demo-charge will insta-kill the nasties and also work quite well against hordes.

So, my list has landed at this:

Company Command Squad
2 Meltaguns
2 Plasma guns
Chimera with Multi-laser and hull Heavy flamer

Nastassia (Marbo)

Veteran Squad
3 Plasma guns
Chimera with Multi-laser and hull Heavy flamer

Platoon Command Squad
4 Meltaguns
Chimera with Multi-laser and hull Heavy flamer

Infantry Squad
Grenade Launcher

Infantry Squad

Special Weapons Squad
2 Flamers
Demolition charge


Leman Russ Demolisher
Hull Heavy flamer

Total: 1000
Infantry: 46
Vehicles: 5

The setup on the CCS is a bit unorthodox, but, since they'll msot often be TL themselves, I thought it made sense. 2 Meltas should be enough to take care of most vehicles and the 2 Plasmas will really contribute with anti-MC power.

So, 'til later this evening ^^
I'm off to take a test :P

Cheers ^^

Gloria Imperator!

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