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fredag 8 januari 2010

Gloria Imperator, ehm, one Firstborn stands! ^^'

Yeah, well, it's a start at least ^^'

This si a test mini I made simply to test if I could find some quick ways of making a Firstborn, and the techniques used on this one work quite nicely and quickly ^^
I wouldn't say it's my best work, but it's not all to shabby for a standard trooper. Some speed painting mistakes can be found on it, for instance some gold that sneaked into the creavice between the scope and the stock of the rifle. Something interesting is the way the burnt brown on the purity seal on his back looks like gold ^^

Work on the tank is being done, but thoose damn purity seals are giving me problems... :/
Well, work is progressing, and if lucky, it'll be up here tonight ^^

Cheers ^^

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