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söndag 10 januari 2010

Slow work coming up :/

Well, sadly enough I made little progress during the weekend. Got some work on the parchments done, adding text to them at the moment, but they are far from finished ^^'

And, to my great distress, school is going to eat up most of my time this week... -.-
I have three tests (Healthcare, Psychology and Religion) and a ten minute talk about the Herpes virus infront of class. And I also need to finish a lab-report 'til Tuesday...

But, as soon as i'm done with all this, some more attention will be paid to the models ^^

I did notice something i'm going to try. When adding text to the parchments, I thought that maybe getting some very fine pointed felt-pen might be a good idea. Even though I water down the paint (Or, glaze down) it still dries a bit to quickly for my taste, making me take to much haste in painting and resulting in mixed results...

But, I will see if I can get a hold of one of theese during the week, and be back here as soon as possible ^^

Cheers everyone ^^

The Emperor Protects.

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