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torsdag 21 januari 2010

Gloria Imperator, the Firstborn are running!

There they are, just look at them sprint! ^^

I'm quite pleased with this new way i've found to make bases. I find that it really produces a nice ruined city feel, perfect for my armys background. I've been thinking about maybe throwing up a guide on how I make the bases, including the way to make some nice pieces of concrete (and reinforced concrete) and some bricks. But, we'll see if anyone is interested ^^

I've also included a shot of the conversions made to theese guys, in the form of custom made purity seals and a moustache added to one of them (Why the hell is a Vostroyan Firtborn moustache-less?! O.o).

They've just been sprayed now, so their painting lies ahead!
Altough I think i'll first of all convert the three Meltagunners and priest (modelling reasons only, not the actual priest with tules and all :P) needed for this unit, making them suitably holy and capable of delivering the roaring Flame of Retribution! ^^

I'll be uploading some pictures of my WIP Leman Russ Battle Tank later tonight. I've not been working on it for a while, seeing as i'm not quite certain about it's colour matching the scheme with my normal Vossies :/. But, hopefully you might be able to give me some thoughts! :D

Now, cheers everyone! ^^

Gloria Imperator!

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  1. Excellent job on those bases mate, looking forward to seeing them painted.