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fredag 22 januari 2010


I'm not really quite happy with it...
The colour i'm not 100% sure matches the Vostroyan theme, and the drybrushing, well, i'm not sure it's the proper way to paint a tank, really :/
I've been thinking about trying airbrushing a layer of Kommando Khaki + Skull White, 1:1, and basing it in that, and after that simply washing it in and just giving it a quick re-highlight (with drybrushing, ofc, but not in the same amount) and then adding weathering. Maybe getting a copy of the Imperial Armour Tank painting book would be clever, altough it'd cost me half my monthly study funds :P. No such luck as getting to spend my Outrider money on Forge World yet ^^'

The tank ofc isn't done. The last parchments need writing, the wax needs to be fixed, the red get a final coat and then dirt and weathering is supposed to be added ^^

But, i've been thinking about doing something simillar to SandWyrm (http://theback40k.blogspot.com/2009/08/youve-got-purdy-little-glacius.html). In this case i'd be basing it in the KK + SW base to, giving it some dirt, dipping it and then re-highlighting. But, i'm not to sure about this... It might prove to be to light of a result :/

I love a nice dark finish to my army, so that's how I do my Firstborn. But, if I did like this with the tanks, they migt get all to bright and then just stick out like a sore thumb...
I also want the parchments on them to have a proper "pop" to them, meaning that it once again can't be to bright.

Does anyone have any colour suggestions? ^^'
(The painting used on it now is the same as on GW's "Chimera Assembly and Painting" guide)

Cheers everyone ^^

Gloria Imperator!

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