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torsdag 7 januari 2010

A new beginning

Well, hello everyone ^^

I'm Paul Svensson, a 19-year old hunk of a man from the cold northern wastes of Sweden ^^
I've created this here blogg, to follow my progress as a Warhammer player, painter and modeller. I've been in this hobby for about six years now, and am yet to actually truly finish an army. I had a small 500pts force of O&G in my first year of playing, but as my painting and modelling skills grew, i dis-assembled theese for later projects. And dis-assembled they remain to this day ^^'

But, this year i've decided! In onour to my 19th year of living, i'm going to complete my first army!
I've decided that this army is going to be the Imperial Guard. I've always been drawn to the image of the lumbering metal behemoths that make up the tanks of the Imperial Guard. So, that was my first decision; i'm making a armoured company. So, with that decided, I had to decide what kind of planet I was going to base this on. I went through many of the obvious choices and some of the less obvious, from Cadian to something of my own creation.. But eventually, I settled on the Vostroyans. The models appeal to me, and so does their background ^^

So, with that decided, I wanted a theme to. After some consideration I settled in making them a highly pious force. Specialised in supporting the Inquisition when assaulting planets showing sign of heresy or daemonical incursion.

So, here we are. I'm almost done with my first Leman Russ Main Battle tank and have in a few brush strokes finished a test model for my normal Vostroyan Firstborn.

So, stay tuned on this blog, updates will be made ^^

Lux et veritas, the Firstborn will deliver!

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  1. Nice start pal, I'll follow your blog like a a dog follow it's master, muhaha =D