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torsdag 7 januari 2010


Well, a name has been decided for the armored company ^^

In respect to it both being my 19th year of life, and them being an Inquisitorial Ally, the name has been set as:

The Vostroyan XIX Armored

Now, the problem I have encuntered so far is the total and utter lack of Vostroyan Transfers out there, so getting some Vostroyan "V"'s on them will be hard. But the company number should be fixed at least.

So, the main focus for this blogg is to have me finish this army, at least before I turn 20. Meaning I have 'til the 5th of January, 2011 ^^

Now, in addition to this it might happen so that a few Orks might show up sometime during the process. This is a separete project i'm working on, just assembling some while i'm waiting for paints and glues to dry on IG models ^^

Well, so far I have in my possession for the XIX Armored:

2 Leman Russ Battle Tanks
1 Leman Russ Demolisher
1 Valkyrie (will become a Vendetta)
1 Basilisk (will become a Colossus)
2 Chimeras
26-28 Vostroyan Firstborn (among theese, three armed with Meltas atm)
Vostroyan Command

Well, that's it so far. The first list I'm aining for atm is this:

HQ 145
Company Command 145
4 Melta guns
Chimera with Multi-laser
and hull Heavy flamer

Elites 65
Nastassia 65

Troops 325
Veteran Squad 170
3 Plasmaguns
Chimera with Multi-laser
and hull Heavy flamer

Veteran Squad 155
3 Melta guns
Chimera with Multi-laser
and hull Heavy flamer

Fast Attack 145
Hellhound 145
Hull Multi-melta

Heavy Support 315
Leman Russ Demolisher 165
Hull Heavy flamer

Leman Russ Battle Tank 150
Hull Heavy bolter

Points: 995

Vehicles: 6

Models: 26

Quite standard mechanized IG. But, there's something I will shun from the normal Mech IG out there, I will attempt to in the least amount use units that are identical. I will still try to maintain redundancy, but use different units that fullfill simillar roles.
There's one thing i've been thinking about might get changed in this list later, and that is the exchanging of the LRBT for the following:

6 Celestians 155
2 Flamers
Immolator with Heavy Flamers

I would still have a large amount of vehicles this way, but I would have somethign capable of dealing with thoose pesky Green Tides out there with their nasty 5+ CS's. Also, with the use of an act of faith, they can be turned into some Terminator Busters (and maybe even MC killers).
But, i'm not all to sure. Might get them anyways, simply because of their coolness factor ^^

So, there we have it, the basis is set. I've been doing some work on my tank and it's soon ready for the weathering stage. My girlfriend will be over in a few hours and have her camera with her, so pictures are to follow. I've done some conversion work on this tank, partly just because I could try some stuff and partly because it's nice to have something looking a bit different ^^

Well, bye for now everyone ^^

The Emperor Protects.

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