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tisdag 23 februari 2010

Long time, no real progress... ^^'

Hello everyone ^^

It's been a while, and sadly enough, no real progress have been made, mostly due to the simple fact that i've forgotten the painting-recipe for the red I used on my test Firstborn >.<' So, i've been trying to figure it out, to no avail. I'll simply have to choose form one of the 6 tries I made to find it ^^' I've come up with a few things though:
  • Every unit ion the army will contain the presence of both the Techtiarchy and the Ecclesiarchy. The Ecclesiarchy in the form of Ministorium priests and Inq Henchmen (of which I found three new ones this week. Old ones no longer produced ^^)
    and the Techtiarchy in the form of servo skulls, bionic enhancements and hopefully a servitor or two (replacing a Veteran with special weapon).

  • Also, i've made the most part of a 850pts list, which will be my first aim. It's been inspired by SandWyrm over at www.theback40k.blogspot.com , a quite skilled tactician when it comes to IG mech. Altough, this first list might not be all that much following his guidelines, but it's a start that includes many of the things I feel like using. Later lists will more and more follow his "4-things" teachings ^^

    Here it is then:

    HQ 155
    Company Command 155
    2 Meltaguns
    2 Plasma guns

    Elites 65
    Nastassia (Marbo) 65

    Troops 270
    Veteran Squad 155
    3 Meltaguns

    Veteran Squad 115
    3 Flamers

    Fast Attack 130

    Vendetta 130

    Heavy Support 165
    Leman Russ Demolisher 165
    Hull Heavy flamer

    Total: 785

    So, 65pts short... And I realy don't know what to do with them. I don't have any models for the rest of the pts really. I could proxy a Armoured Sentinel with Heavy Flamer is so needed, but, for the long run, what the hell should I get? ^^'
    I'm thinking about dropping the Plasmas on the CCS for Meltas and then putting in a Hydra though. I've been planning to use two of theese later so ^^
    I'm going to go to LO and ask for some help though :)

  • I've also been thinking about scheme for the tanks. I'm so far not all to pleased with the colouration it has... I've been experimenting with metal colourations and, well, to be frank I kinda like some of them ^^'
    The weathered metal really adds to the feel of them being allied with the Techtiarchy, and the purity seals really stand out against it! ^^
    I'm working on a proper test piece right now, so as soon as I have a camera, you'll see ^^

  • I've actually been considering something. Some of you might want to shoot me for this, but i'm going to give it a try. To get into this real holy feel in the army, i've been thinking... Let's see, to me, there are a few holy colours that match with this faith, thoose being Red, Blue and Purple. The Red for the Techtiarchy and the Blue for the Ecclesiarchy. So, I was thinking. This army is the combination fo the two, so... How does purple sound? ^^
    I'm gogin to test this on one of my models and see how it turns out. If I like it, that's what i'll roll with ^^ (I'm such a big fan of purple otherwise, so it just feel good ^^)

    Well, that's all for now. I'll be back as soon as possible with more updates! ^^

    Gloria Imperator, the Firstborn stands!

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