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torsdag 25 februari 2010

Progress! ^^

Well hello everyone,

some progress have been made today!
I've been working on a pair of convertions for my army ^^

I've been needing another Melta-model, so, I realised I didn't have any religious special weapons user so... I thought i'd convert one ^^

The base is the Games Workshop Preacher model (http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat1300107&prodId=prod1140076). Pictures of this guy will be up as soon as you'll be able to see the progress ^^

But, on my second convertion. I've been in dire need of some variety in my units, because I HATE having many models looking exactly the same. So, I was looking at my Vostroyan Commander model andn realised he had quite the nifty bionic foot. It didn't seem like the hardest thing to convert so I started working on one. The progress so far can be seen on this pic here:

The parts i've used for this guy are quite interesting actually ^^
The base of the leg is created by the use of a Heavy Stubber and the Com-central from the Tank Acessory frame, and the claws from obvious plasticard. I still need to add some rivets and create a couple of pistons, but the base is more or less complete ^^

To finish it up, here's a sneak peek at the melta-convertion:

So, until later, cheers ^^

Lux et Veritas, the Firstborn will Deliver!

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