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söndag 2 maj 2010

Candles, oh yes! ^^

Hello everyone ^^

Thought i'd upload some pictures of the first results from using my new technique of making candles. I've tried three different ways here, two with flames and one without, and the ones with flames i've made a test on one of them by hollowing it down a bit.
But, withour further delay, here's my first three test-candles:

This is the first time i've ever painted fire, so some improvements will be made. Most notably is the fact that it got way to black at the top (to be expected when you just quickly drybrush so it'll look respectable for a test-model :P). On the next ones i'll blend it in. I'm not all to sure on making the flame blue at the bottom really, seeing as that seems more fitting for BIG flames, and not just small candlelights. But we'll see.

As said, guide later up during the week ^^

Cheers ^^

Gloria Imperator!

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  1. They're very nice. I'm looking forward to the guide.