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onsdag 19 maj 2010

The franglous brandyscram

Hello everyone ^^

There's been a small lack of updates here on the candle guide, and the reason is simple. The work for it has been done, the text is all written but my camera is underperforming for this. I've been trying to get some good shots but there's maybe just one or two that have becpome acceptable. So, to help all of you I have decided to make some simple illustrations of it all instead. This requires some extra work so has taken a bit of time. But don't worry, it'll soon be up! Looking like this right now at least:

On other news, I'm starting to get a few tanks in my possesion, and i'm quite happy about it. As the army stands right now, here's where we're at:

At the time being:
2 Chimeras
1 Vendetta
1 Hydra
1 Leman Russ Demolisher
1 Leman Russ Battle Tank

And on the way is:
1 Hellhound
1 Leman Russ Eradicator/Exterminator
1 Chimera

And lying around is another Leman Russ Battle Tank (Who's looking for a new owner, if anyone's interested!)

On the newest! I've recently learned how to do wood-grain, at last! And, here's my results:

Very easy and quite effective, if I may say so myself ^^
Altough, i'm considering Glossing it. It'll give it a lot more of a laquered finish, which have looked good on some other test pieces... But I donno :/
Any suggestions?

If anyone's interested in a How To though, just let me know! ^^
Wood will now be a part of my tanks at least :)

Cheers everyone, and stay tuned for more progress ^^

Lux et Veritas!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Very nice, I smell Rolls Russ inc. :)

  2. The wood looks good. I'd certainly be interested in a tutorial if it's easy. :)