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torsdag 20 maj 2010

To Eat A Limping Vole

Greetings ^^

Did a small test on using some Thrakka Green mixed in with the base-wash while painting red-robes.
I don't really know what I think about the result, is there really any differance? I can't tell... >.<'

I did a mistake I do regret on it, and that was going a bit to strong with the aftershading on it's left. As youmight notice it kinda look likes there's almost a hole in it, not my intention...

You might wonder rnow, why I did this, seeing as I had already established a recipe for my reds? Well, after reading an interesting article at The Back 40k (A Little Color Theory - Part III), I felt for some reason inclined to try some of it out. Mainly, I got stuck on three-way split complements. So, zooming in on the red as the first one, I happened to land at light blue and light green for the others. So, I had to work theese in in some way. I was contemplating this for a while, and soon laid up a basic plan to work the colours in:


As some of my models are wearing feathers (read "Most sergeants") I thought i'd work in a blue tone here. I'm not planning to paint them blue, trust me on that, they're going to be white. But I had planned to shade them with a blue-tone, giving me somethign to work with at least.

Wings on skull-symbol
I hope you know which symbol I mean? It's the one that are on most Lasguns, and are also on the Firstborns canteens and sometimes on their fur hats. Anyways, I paint theese in a settled way right now:
Skull in gold, wing body in silver and wing linings in red.
So, to tie in some more light blue-tones here, I thoguht i'd do some nice work with shading on the metal. Making metal with a blue tinge is one of the easiest things to do, so this will be no problem. Only thing i'm considering right now is how bright I should make it... Chainmail or Mithril, hmmm...

Ornamental shoulderpad
Some of you might go "Huh?" when I sai this, but let me explain. If you look at a Firstborn, msot of them have a somewhat brutal looking shoulderpad that's all edgy and looks a bit dodgy, and then they have one that's more rounded, with linings and such around it. The later is what I like to call the "Ornamental shoulderpad". Theese I have some plans for to denote rank with, but for most of my models I was thinking fo toning this metal like the metal on the skulls' wings. This will add a nice big piece of blue-tone to, although light, ofc.

Also, I must add that there is a SLIM chance that i'll be going with a blue-tone for all armour. Test models will be painted.

Yup, some Vostroyans do have them. This is pretty straightforward since they can just be painted in blue, without any real special thinking. Quite a straightforward way to get some blue in.

Other models
Maybe the Ecclesiarchy could fit in blue? I've been planning to have them in either blue, green or grey. If I have them in blue or grey, i'll get some kind of blue-tone in though (I'll be shading the grey with a blue-mix then). The grey would signify them as priests in the Vostroyans own religion, which si thoose that follow the Grey Lady. I'm not sure about this though as, in my mind at least, in a religion like that the grey might be restricted to the female practitioners.


Yup, the lenses will be somewhat green. This will give a nice contrast to the red and also hopefully work with the blue-tones. Problem here is that it's going to be a bit dark, so I guess some proper lighting-effects will be needed. Otherwise, pretty straightforward.

Thsi iw what you saw me attempt just now. I will start by saying this, I really don't want to have some actual green in the shadows... I know it works, I know it makes the red "pop" a bit, but god dammit, the shadows in a red piece of cloth is NOT green... Therefore, I have simply mixed in some Thrakka Green in my base-wash (for thoose that might wonder, my base wash is a equal mix of Devlan Mud, Bhadab Black and Water. I use it for the first shading on most things, helps tie the model together.). I will see how this progreses... I might add a little, little bit more green to the shading. (My girlfriend who's studying arts suggested me trying it, so why not ^^')

See blue-tone, exchange with green ^^

Other models
See blue-tone, echange with green ^^

Red tone:

Well, yeah. Is there really anything to say? Red will be more ro less the dominant colour on this model, together with the metal.

Wing trim on skull-symbol
As previously mentioned, they are in red, and will there add some more red-tone. 

Well, you've seen it, it's a bit of a red tone in it, no? ^^

Fur hat
The plan is for this to be in a somewhat reddish brown to. But i'm not sure... The thing is I need some colours to balance out the large areas of metal that will be present. So all the other colours that are not in a grey tone are very welcome.

Adeptus creations
Yep, all servitors will be donned in browns. And they MIGHT be of a somewhat red shade, but i'm not sure. They could just as well become a more cold tone, like the Firstborns boots and leather (Although i'm thinking of trying something warmer here to... ^^' )

And there we have it. Some ways that i'll be able to work in a bit of colour theory in my army ^^
Let's see how it will progress...

Cheers everyone ^^

Gloria Imperator, the Firstborn Stand!

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  1. That's a sweet, deep red you've got there. I'll follow your progress to see what I can steal!

    Also, it's great to see more Swedish bloggers!