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tisdag 8 juni 2010


Hello biscuit ^^

I've finished a new model this week, it's more or less my final test, actually, were I brought together some of the things I've learnt during this whole progress ^^
Only thing left that needs some work is really the recipe on the hat, but some tests will be made on that, so in short order I think I'll have something ready for that to :)

'Til next time!

Cheers ^^

Gloria Imperator.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Nice Wood effect on the Magazine! Love the choice of Palette The blue on the rope off sets the read nicely

    Is there a Tutorial in the wings?

  2. Cheers mate!
    There's a guide for it deeper in this blog if you're interested in how to paint the wood effect :)

    And do you mean the wings on the small statuette hanging from his belt?

  3. I'd assume Harris means the wings at the bottom of his clothing, those are quite eye-catching and getting some good looking gold like that is not always that easy. I agree it's a very nice mini, as I told you before^^ If you make up a nice new recipe for the hat it's undeniably awesome and of very high class. It's a good thing summers coming up since I know you'll want to paint all of your first-borns to match this one quality wise =D
    Really Gj mate, but you got to remember: DEATH TO FALSE EMPEROR! ;)

  4. If such is the case then all I use is my basic gold-technique. On the other I have a slightly experimental technique on, but they will all be listed once my first squad is done :)

    As soon as it's finished i'll put up a step-by-step on how I paint them if anyone would be interested ^^