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måndag 7 juni 2010

What, chair, frog-nose and Portugal?

”It seems as the heretics have arrived, Alesandrovitj”.
Alesandrovitj barely reacted at the sound of of father Nikolaus familiar voice as he walked up to his right side. On his other side father Petrus stepped up, his eyes glaring at the green glowing clouds on the far horizon. “This planet will be lost to the forces of Chaos if we cannot destroy the artifact soon”. Alesandrovitj stared down over the field of battle, his bionic eye focusing in on the arriving heretics. He counted two armored transports and one of their cursed possessed monstrosities of metal, a small pursuing force, as far as he could tell. He would have to strike fast, before more reinforcements would arrive. He was not sure if the rift was still open, he had only seen it for some mere minutes, but what had spewed out of it in that short amount of time was many times the size of this small patrol. If it would open again, his chances of victory would be all but diminished.  Panning out with his implant, he was just about to turn around towards his personal Chimera when a fly landed on his cane. He watched it for a moment or two, pondering how this bloated animal could survive in the atmosphere of this planet. And then he saw it, on the back of the fly was the familiar mark he had seen a few years back. It could not be mistaken; those three rings could mean only one thing. He heard how a great buzzing was slowly building up. Looking above him, he saw how the sky was getting darker. Mere moments later, the air was filled with the sound and noise of countless millions of flies.

He stood unmoving, once again watching the fly on his cane. He saw how it lay there, bloated, looking like it was barely able to fly. “Hmpfh!”, he exclaimed and smacked the fly dead with his free hand. The moment it died, the buzzing increased. All the flies started flying towards the traitor marines and forming up as a great mass. It was not just flies, it was as if they had formed a single entity next to the foul transports. Alesandrovitj implant zoomed in closer for a better look. Leering out of the great cloud of flies was a face so foul, a man of normal background would empty his guts in an instant. “Malleus” was all Alesandrovitj said. In an instant, there were no flies, but a great bloated creature with wings of rotten and torn flesh that stood in their place.  Alesandrovitj turned to face his men lined up behind him, it was but a small patrol of two Chimeras, one his own and the other belonging to a squad of his most seasoned Veterans. The Grey Ladys’ Hammer, a Demolisher variant Leman Russ that had been a part of the company for more than 50 years. A Vendetta from the Emperors Wings Squadron, accompanied by a squad of expert Demolishers. The Hellhound Ignitus and a Hydra variant provided by the Adeptus Mechanicus. “Mount your transports. Today, we will rebuild the breach with the Emperor in our hearts. Strike fast, strike hard and bring them the vengeance and the fury of the Omnissiah!” Alesandravitj voice rang out. “Gloria Imperator!” was the answer he received, in unison from every soldier at his disposal. The priests gave their blessings as Alesandrovitj walked away towards his transport.

“Semper idem” Nikolaus said kindly. “Semper ardens”, Petrus filled in.

Part 2 of the story of my first battle. In the next one, the action will begin ^^

The Firstborn Stand.

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