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lördag 23 januari 2010

Meltagunner- WIP

Well, as most of you Vostroyan players out there know, us Vostroyan commanders run into a bit of a problem when it comes to one weapon, the Meltagun. We actually don't have a model that wields this terribly effective weapon, so we are all but forced to create our own. Now, i've created my first one out of a Grenade-launcher model, and it's quite decent. It looks like a sort of one-maybe-two-shot deal of a weapon, but as we all know, this is often as much as some of our dear Veterans get off before dying anyways ^^

Now, the second one i've made is the most obvious, being the Flamer model. Simply just cutting of the flamer front part and replacing it with a melta-tip, we have a nice looking meltagunner quite quickly.

But, as I strive not to have any models looking all to much alike in my army (which will pose a problem seeing as my first 1k list have 46 models in it >.<') I had to figure out a way to create some more meltagunners. Firstly, I started looking into INQ models, and found myself at least one. Namely the "Flamer-armed Henchman" in the Witch Hunter Inquisitor set. But, I need a total of 6 Meltas in my 1k list, so we need three more after this. Well, the fourth was quite simple, i'm simply going to buil a war-worn Veteran Cadian, representing one of the survivors of the previous campaign to the planet. (My Vostroyans are sort of a first resort unit when something terrible has been discovered, like a daemon artifact or such. And therefore come in after the initial landings). Then we have two left... I was thinking of making another one a Cadian, but, really, I think it'd be to much. We ARE the proud Firstborn, no?

So, as you see above, my fifth one is on it's way. I've simply taken a standard Firstborn, cut of the front part of the gun and the ammo and finally removed a thing at the back. Then I made a small container out of plasticard tubing and then attached a guitar wire from the gun to the tank. Laso I made some kinf of metal rimming on the front, to make it look a bit more sturdy and propper ^^. Once again, it looks a bit like a "one-or-two-shot" kinda gun, but as previously stated, can we hope for much more when we jump out infront of a Land Raider? ;)

I still need to attach some rivets, and get a meltatip, but it's well on it's way ^^
Pictures of the others will be up on a later account ^^

Cheers ^^

Lux et veritas!

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  1. Looks great! Subtle conversion but I think it will work really well. Great job!