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fredag 26 februari 2010

Servitor Flamer, VWIP...

Well, yes, very, very WIP...

It's just some major outlines so far, but, I think I have the brunt there. The thought is that someone has undergone quite a bit of surgery, even so far as removing his head! (His "intellect" is most probably more well protected inside of his chest anyways... ;) ).

The "head" will be covered with a hood later on, stretching down a bit over his shoulders. I'm not quite sure wether to make it a chainmail hood or just a normal cloth one in red... We'll see.
The joint between the legs and torso will be fixed by sculpting some chainmail hanging out.

The cable-arm is going to simply be more or less a hole into the inner part of the armour with the cables hanging out. I've been thinking about attaching bells to a few of them, and maybe some incense holders (thoose round, bal things with small holes in them), but i'm not to sure. Might become a bit to much... :/

On other notions i've also been thinking about doing something idfferent with the tank. Maybe making it more of an actual part of him. Maybe merging it with his back or so?
This way I would have a perfect excuse to draw some cabeling in and out of him at places, or maybe even having a couple of cables coming directly from the tank (then attached higher) and into the back of the hood? That could be nice... ^^

Anyways, i'm also testing out some ways of painting red. Atm i'm testing one I found over at MASSIVE VOODOO (http://massivevoodoo.blogspot.com/2009/11/step-by-step-brother-dariel-angel.html). I really recommend his tutorials if you're in for some serious stuff ^^

Cheers everyone ^^

Gloria Imperator!

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