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söndag 7 mars 2010

Face test

Hello everyone ^^

An update from the road. Brought this model to my GF's house to show her what i've been testing, and since she has the good camera, well...

It's kindoff a bad picture though... The lighting available here is NOT the optimal ^^

But, it shows what i've tried, mostly. I've based it of a technique from a WD tutorial and tested some things with glazes. Altough it's not all to visible in this photo i've fixed his lower lip with a reder tone. What's more apparent on this one is the scaring on the left eye though. I'm quite pleased with the effect I got out for such a simple technique.
I will need a tad bit of practice on the eyes, but the black fine-point pen i'm using is working wonders. Considering investing in one of another colours so I can actually give them eyecolour to. My precision has decreased over the latest months since I haven't been painting the finer details, mostly just colour testing, but i'll soon be back to my normal level of precision ^^

Some slight progress is being made on the flamer-servitor seen in the previous post, and i'm also fiddeling a bit with a nice little conversion for a chimera ^^

For now;

Cheers! ^^

Gloria Imperator!

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