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tisdag 23 mars 2010

My 1k Vostroyan list

Hello everyone ^^

I thought i'd share with you what I aim to have built and finished as the first part of my army. It's been a balance between effectiveness and fluff that got this going, and in the end, I think it'll fair quite well. So, without further delay, here it is:

The Vostroyan XIX Armoured

Company Command
4 Meltaguns
Chimera with Multi-laser and hull Heavy Flamer

Nastassia (Marbo)

Veteran Squad
3 Meltaguns
Chimera with Multi-laser and hull Heavy Flamer

Veteran Squad
3 Flamers


Hull Multi-melta

Leman Russ Demolisher
Hull Heavy flamer

Hydra Flak Tank
Hull Heavy flamer

Total: 995

Company Command:

The role theese guys will play in my army is that of a basic AT and MC-killers. With 4 Meltaguns at Bs4 they will pose a proper threat to just about anything big and scary, and coupled with their Bring It Down! order, they will be able to quite safely down whatever it is they want down. They will roll together with the Chimelta and Demolisher, and possibly the Hellhound. At this pts lvl all to many MC's won't show up, so if there's one in particular I want brought down, both the CCS and the Vets can dismount and, well, Bring It Down!.
The Chimera in itself will be taking shots at Transports, MCs and simillar things at long range. But once we get close and personal or need some troops of objectives they'll roll up and flame them as best they can.


Nastassias role in this army is quite the standard one. Once she arrives from reserves, she'll be deployed close to for instance large concentrations of infantry, Terminators or Tyranid Warriors. She's a precision tool that for the 65pts is well worth it. In dire circumstances she can even tie up a unit for maybe a turn, at least I can be assured that one enemy units firepower will be sent her way for a turn.


Theese guys will roll with the CCS in msot cases, and just as them provide some AT and MC-killing potential. But in differance from the CCS, theese guys can also throw out some firepower against infantry. In fact, if they get issued the First Rank Fire! Second Rank Fire! order, they'll be pumping out a total of 19 Lasgun shots and 3 Melta shots at 12" range. Enough to put a dent in Gaunts, Guardsmen or even Orks once in a while. Their Chimeras role is very simillar to the CCS one, if not exactly the same.


Mounted in the Vendetta, kitted out with shotguns, 3 Flamers and the Demolitions doctrine, theese are my multi-purpose troops. Once I drop them down, they're able to land about 30+ hits on a unit of their choice. And if I get the chance to perform the Alpha Strike manouver (Getting first turn, turbo-scouting 24" with the vendetta), i'll be able to land 10 Melta Bombs on threatening armour. Theese guys will, shortly enough, be able to handle anything from hordes of Gaunts to a Land Raider. Terminators even fear theese guys for the sheer amount of attacks and the potential Ap2 Demo-charge.


Perfect for popping transports, MC's, Terminators, Tyranid Warriors and the possible tank if oppurtunity presents itself, the Vendetta is deadly. They'll be transporting my Flamer-Veterans around to perform potential Alpha Striked and such, and will hopefully in the end parts of the game be able to Turbo-Boost onto an objective .


Here we have my cover clearer deluxe. This guy puts out his S6 Template over a considerable range and is the dread of Orks and Tyranids. He'll be moving around with the Demolisher and the Chimeras, blocking the Chimeras flank so that they'll not as easily be taken down. It's kitted with a Multi-melta for the potential to take down a tank or so. When you have a 18" effective tank popping range with about a 45-50% sucess rate, it feels nice to give it a try once in a while ;). The Multi-melta also gives a option to put a wound on a MC once in a while.

Leman Russ Demolisher:

Ah, the humble Demolisher. As subtle as a 50-foot badger swinging a sledgehammer with explosives attached to it, this guy is here for, well, jsut about everythign except cover clearing and MC-kiling. He'll work just as well against hordes of Gaunts as he will against Terminators. And as often as oppurtunity presents itself, he'll take a shot at any tanks, it's such a waste not to use his S10 Ordnance against enemy armour. He has a Heavy Flamer for when he need to get close and personal with tank chock or such, even giving him the potential to threaten enemys dug into cover.

Hydra Fak Tank:

Added as supportive anti-transport in this army it'll try to bring down Transports, Skimmers, Jetbikes and the possible MC. 4 Twin-linked S7 shots will always find it's use, no matter what you aim it at. It will most probably stay backfield to offer fire support, but is kitted out with a Heavy Flamer in case something would threaten it up close.

So, there we have it, my first aim for. It's 26 models and 5 Vehicles. I still need a few things for both. I need some Inq models for some Special Weapons, and I NEED (!) a House Escher Juve for Nastassia (So, if you have one you want to get rid of, CONTACT ME! ^^). But, i'm working on it at least, so it probably won't take forever to get this done :)

Well, that's all for now ^^

Lux et Veritas, the Firstborn shall Deliver!

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