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torsdag 15 april 2010

Progress is being made, albeit slowly...

Hello everyone ^^

I've been working a bit on the Firstborn, getting two pairs of track-units for a Chimera and a Hydra more or less done and also i'm more ro less done with making about 14-15 new bases. I was just working on them for one unit and thought I could just as well pump out some more ^^

I've been thinking about what it is i'm actually missing in this army by now, before completion, an have come up with theese things:

- 2 Meltagunners
One of theese are going to be the guy with Flamers for arms from the Witch Hunter Inquisitor set. And the second one, well, I donno... I've been thinking about turning an old school preacher/hierophant into one, but i'm not sure I want to go chopping in the old man :/. Other thoughts have been making a Servitor of a sort, or just buying the 2 Servitor-set and converting one. Anyhow, I need to buy a whole set to get the single Meltagunner and then I either have to scratchbuild or but another set to get the other.

- Nastassia (Marbo)
I'm at a standstill here. I just can't find the model on it's own anywhere. I might have to end up buying a whole friggin' set and hoping to get it in it...

- Aegis Defence Line
This is needed for the Hydra-convertion. Rest of the stuf can be used for bases and some presonalised terrain ^^

- Cities of Death kits
Yep, need 'em. I need a bunch of random pieces, partly for bases, partly for terrain and partly to actually use on my tanks to "goth them up a bit". I've found a single piece from a CoD kit in my bitzbox though and have recently made a mold of it. Sadly enough, i'm out of GS so I can't test it >.<' - 3-4 "Normal" Veterans Yup, need to find something out to do here. The problem is, none of them can be a Firstborn model really, except for maybe using the Snipers or some other kit to convert from. Plans here include some Epic vehicles to use as small robotic things that accompany the XIX. Also some Servitor or getting some use of the Preacher/Hierophant pops in here. I know there's another model in the Inquisitor kit that I can use (the Lexmechaniac). All theese need is something to represent a Lasgun/Shotgun. Which leads me to my last problem: - Shotguns for Firstborn? :/ Well, this one I have given a thinker. There are some things I can do: Assault rifles. Simply shorten the stock, this will make them look more like assault rifles, or some other kind of fully automatic thing with a shorter range and more fitting for an assault. Also, jsut exchanging the ammo-part could work ^^ Mechaicus experimental weapons. Well, something, that is. I've had an idea of simply hollowing out the front part of the rifle (nicely) and making it look like it fires a sort of spread burst of laser rays. This could also work, and would require a lot less converting from my part. All I need to represent is really a shift from 24" Rapid Fire to 12" Assault 2. Anyhow, the Shotguns are for later. I include a unit with them in my list, but to be frank, I can't bother making them right now. For now, the lasguns will have to represent the Shotguns and i'll simply have to explain in the beginning. Later theese models can be used for a the Chiplasma that shows up at 1.25k ^^ Also, i've had some plans for the future! Once this army reaches a nice and cosy level (probably 1.25k), I have plans to start another army. As I find, every army needs some kind of, or, well, it doesn't hurt to have one at least. This adds a sense of story and also opens up some nice convertions. What I plan to make after this one is a Daemons of Chaos force, first starting a 850pts, just like this one, and progressively moving up to 1.25k. I've been thinking a bit about the background story, and such will be published later. All i'll throw up now is my intended starter list:
HQ 165

Great Unclean One 165
Cloud of Flies

Elites 320
5 Fiends 160
Unholy Might

5 Fiends 160
Unholy Might

Troops 200
5 Plaguebearers 100
Chaos Icon

5 Plaguebearers 100
Chaos Icon

Heavy Support 145
Daemon Prince 145
Bolt of Tzeentch
Instrument of Chaos

Points: 850

Models: 22

So, there we have it. Once the bases are done, i'll upload some pictures ^^

Cheers ^^

Lux et Veritas, the Firstborn shall Deliver!

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