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torsdag 18 mars 2010


Hello everyone ^^

I've been test-painting scheme for my tanks and I think i'm quite happy with it. It's quite fitting with the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Ecclesiarcy in combination, with a nice metal base-tone and gold linings, with purity seals in multitudes. But, I will have a bit of a problem painting the tanks now...

Just yesterday my Citadel Spray Gun blew up. Yep, you read right. I had just based some test pieces in Chainmail and was just cleaning it with some water, it went *POFF!* and my bathroom was filled with propellant. I breathed in a nice few lungfulls of the stuff and felt moderatly well for a few hours, but that's not the part i'm pissed about. The fact that i've used this piece of crap 3 times with this last time is what makes me angry. I've payed quite a bit of money for it, and it breaks after three goes?!... I've taken proper care of it, cleaning it every time and not overstraining it or anything, and it just breaks?...

Thankfully i'm an Outrider so i'll get a new one without all that much work, just 2hrs really, but it's the fact that it broke so easily that's pissing me off...

Anyways, i've also started a (hopefully) final test-Firstborn. I've gotten all the baselayers and washes done with, so it's all about highlighting now.

Pictures of the tank-scheme will hopefully be up during the weekend as I aim to get it photographed at GFs house ^^

Cheers ^^

Glori Imperator!

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