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lördag 5 juni 2010

Why does the grass linger?

It was a bleak morning, the great clouds from the Orks crude foundries lending the land a green tinted shade. Alesandrovitj, commander in charge of the Vostroyan XIX Armoured, was overlooking the field where he had chosen to face the small outrider patrol of the recently arrived traitor marines. The company had been sent to investigate the recent strange happenings in the Ork population of this planet, the Inquisition giving them information about strange weather phenomenons of raining puss and whispering winds, and apparently the crude machinery of the Orks had recently started bearing strange marks. The forces of the Cadian 91st, 92nd and 126th had been sent to cleanse the overrun planet from the Ork menace, to reclaim the foundries for the Imperium 20 years earlier. But the Orks had been too many and there was not much left of the Cadian companies once the strange happenings started to occur.  The last surviving soldiers were now sitting in hiding around the planet, each and every one fighting a bitter guerilla war against the Orks while trying to not go insane from the whispers in their minds.

The Inquisition had its reasons to believe that the Orks had stumbled upon some ancient artifact of Chaos, and had in some way activated it. This was why Alesandrovitj was here. He and his company had been fighting against the heretic and the daemon since the founding of the company, and had gained a reputation for being both pious and ruthless. They had been sent by the Inquisition for a single task, to spearhead an assault through the Orks defenses, localize the artifact and destroying it. Alesandrovitj knew what the Inquisition true motives for the Vostroyan XIX were though. If they could simply complete the first of their tasks, the Inquisiton would be pleased. As the crack in the Orks defences would arise, the Inquisition would send in the forces of the Sister Sororitas. Alesandrovitj kew they were dispensable, but if they would die, they would die in the name of the Emperor. And as he and his predecessors had done so many times before, he would strive to do more than what the Inquisition expected of him. He cared little for the squabbles for power in the Ecclesiarchy. For the Inquisition was but a mean to for him to serve the Holy Emperor and the Grey Lady. And he knew his men would follow him, if so they had to oppose the Inquisition, he knew that they would follow him to the Eye of Terror if it was to fight the enemies of the Emperor.

But now he stood here, on the dirt of the ancient Factorum planet in the outskirts of the Segmentu

m Obscurus, inhaling its foul air. He felt thankful for the breathing implant the Mechanicus had inserted in this trachea though, since it allowed him to breathe the air without the use of a gasmask.  He scanned the battlefield; he had fought here before, not long ago. About a month back his forces had broken through the Ork defenses on this very spot. His eye implant zoomed in towards the mass of water that had leaked from a broken fountain. It was there that the Chimeras carrying the demolition troops had broken through, catching the Orks unprepared and blasting them to oblivion with the experimental demolition charges they had been given from the Mechanicus. They had worked well and had opened a great rift in the lines from where the Leman Russes could enter. There was really only rubble left of the defenses now. Rubble and the putrid remains of xenos, their bodies riddled with runes and marks of Chaos, their smell making his nostrils burn with disgust.

But that was a month ago, before the traitor legion had arrived. He could smell them now, the rank smell of corruption. He could hear them; their lumbering tanks were closing in on them from the east. Right where he wanted them. ..

Today, they would re-commence the offence, and by the Emperor, he would be victorious.

Lux et Veritas, the Firstborn shall Deliver.

Hello everyone, had my first test match yesterday againt my friends Plague Marines. Both had 1k each, and it ended quite evenly, with 5KP to him and 6KP to him. I've realised some things i'll have to do better next time. But, hey, it was my FIRST match of 40k, and I won! ^^

Thank you Jimbo for a great game.

Cheers, everyone ^^

Gloria Imperator.

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