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torsdag 22 juli 2010

Befuddle the cake and crush with no remorse!

Hello everyone,

long time since my last update. Semester and work has been taking it's toll on the hobby and not much time have been available. But, I'm now back in the saddle! And with the pay from my work, I'll be able to afford all the things I need to finish this!

As you might notice, the blog has gotten a facelift in the form of a new banner. It's a joint creation by me and my girlfriend. I think it works quite nicely with my armies theme, and if you look carefully, you might see some minor info ^^

On other news, I recently read a great article on basing over at Massive Voodoo and got quite inspired. From this inspiration I've determined to try some new methods, the first in the front of basing. I used an old base that I thought looked a bit to odd to be of use, and then started fixing with it. I altered the technique used in the article slightly, and have altered it more since. I'm quite proud of it, actually. The thing I do NOT like is the failed scribblings I made on the skulls. They are supposed to be Ork made (another hint towards the theme of the army) but just ended up being bad. I will practice a bit on this, and should have tried some shapes and such on a piece of paper before going at the model. Well, you live and you learn. It was just a test base anyways ;)

Here it is:

Work is being done on another model, trying some new things on it ^^.
Hopefully my preperation painting will dry soon and I'll be able to start painting.

Cheers everyone!

Gloria Imperator!

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